Imam Sadr Foundation – Trailer

For over 50 years, the charity organization Imam Sadr Foundation has been accumulating outstanding achievements in children education focused on caring for those who were orphaned or who hail from destitute families.

Driven by a particular concern for girls’ vulnerability in our society, the Imam Sadr Foundation purposed itself around empowering them through boarding school and craftsmanship programs, in addition to instilling in them a culture of peace and acceptance of “the other”. Imam Sadr foundation nurtures its pupils within an environment of facilities which are integrated and continuously expanding, and are permeated by best practice and high standards at all times.

Front Page Communication has had the honor to produce, with commitment and passion, a trailer and a related TVC which were launched this Ramadan 2017 to celebrate Imam Sadr Foundation’s vision into the future, ever guided by the ideals of its founder, Imam Musa Sadr.

  • Agency: Front Page Communication
  • Client: Imam Sadr Foundation
  • Creative Boutique: Phenomena
  • Creative Director: Sami Saab
  • Production: RF
  • Post: Lilapost


Documentary Video

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