Camille Menassa, Chairman – Beirut & Dubai

Camille is currently the Chairman of Front Page Communication, and International Vice President for the Near East of “L’Union Internationale des Journalistes et de la Presse Francophone” (U.P.F.).

With over 50 years of experience in the world of media, Camille had a distinguished career with leading press, Radio and TV organizations. Camille started his career as a journalist in 1957 at L’Orient newspaper, before moving to Office de la Radio et de la Télévision Française as a Middle East correspondent. From 1960 to 1971, Camille was Editor-in-Chief of the Lebanese Television, the first TV station in the region, and President of the Centre du Cinéma et de la Télévision (1961-1967) which is affiliated to the Ministry of Information.

Camille is a lecturer in Communications and Journalism, MBA Level, at the Faculty of Human Sciences, Saint Joseph University, and a lecturer at the Lebanese University – Faculty of Journalism.


Mustapha Assad, C.E.O. – Beirut & Dubai

Mustapha Assad managed Pharaon, the pioneering advertising agency in the Arab World (1968-69), then headed the advertising department of Al Usbu Al Arabi and Magazine for four years. In 1973 he became the majority partner in PUBLI-GRAPHICS ad agency. The agency grew to 27 operations throughout the region (e.g. Amman, Bahrain, Beirut, Cairo, Doha, Dubai, Istanbul, Jeddah, Kuwait, Riyadh and Tehran) in addition to Paris, London and Singapore. The network also included specialized communications divisions: Headline PR (Public Relations and Sponsorships), Optimedia Media Agencies, Dialog (Below the Line), Eworks (Electronic and Digital) and PG Events Division. In 1999, Publicis Group the 4th largest communication group in the world, entered into an equity partnership with Publi-Graphics Group, and the agency became known as PUBLICIS GRAPHICS.

Mustapha Assad has been an active and dedicated player in the IAA: Board Director since 1984, President of the Lebanon Chapter 1984-86, Senior Vice-President/World President Elect1990-1992 and World President of the International Advertising Association (IAA) in September 1992 at the 33rd World Advertising Congress in Barcelona. He ended his term at the World Congress in Cancun in May 1994, at which time he was appointed Chairman of the newly formed “Former World Presidents Council”. He was awarded the IAA Medal of Merit in 1986, as well as many other awards later.

In September 2012, Mustapha stepped down from running the Publicis Graphics Group in MENA. In April 2014, he became the Chief Executive Officer of the PR Agency “Front Page Communication”.

Mustapha Assad is Officer of the “National Order of the Lion” (Senegal) and Officer of the “National Order of the Cedar” (Lebanon).


Georges El Assad, Chief Managing Officer – Beirut & Dubai

Georges is a professional manager of people, resources and budgets. His experience includes over 25 years in the holistic communications field. His track record features performances where he delivered beyond the KPIs he was set, thus even ensuring “explosive growth” for the regional and international ad agencies which he led.

His 12 years at Publi-Graphics (later Publicis Graphics) Saudi Arabia witnessed sizeable new business acquisitions and the opening of PR and Event Management services that added to the agency’s through-the-line Advertising activities in a major way, and enabled it as well to offer programs of integrated marketing communications to its clients.

His later tenure of about seven years at Saatchi & Saatchi Middle East reporting to London and New York saw him assuming such senior posts as Co-CEO Middle East and Regional CEO – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt, and establishing a Shopper Marketing operation in Jeddah and Dubai, along with winning new business in Qatar.

Owing to his language skills coupled with a research discipline, Georges was entrusted to write in English the success story of Publi-Graphics by its founder and leader, Mr. Mustapha Assad. Entitled “Play it Again”, the quality designed book came up to a 340-page printed work. Arabic and French versions of it came to being as well, translated by notable copywriters respectively.

No stranger to Front Page Communication with which he associated in 2014, his appointment in November 2016 as Chief Managing Officer comes within the vision of working with the Chairman, the CEO, and the team, to take the firm up to the next level.

Georges is a graduate in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut (AUB). A believer in continuing education, he went for a two-year class-attended Master’s in Organizations of the Net Economy, a reputable e-business degree of France’s Université Picardie Jules Verne, of which he graduated in September 2017 with “Mention Très Bien” (“Highest Honors” – “summa cum laude”).


Hervé Piglowski, Chief Public Relations Officer – Beirut

Hervé is an experienced Events and Communications Manager with over 14 years of practice in international PR, project management, company creation, strategic communications for public and private sectors, as well as a deep commitment to humanitarian projects.

So far in his time at Front Page Communication, Hervé co-organized a series of conferences based on the “Oil and Gas” industry, in addition to managing the communications/organization of “Ramadaniyat Beirutiya”, a festival held in Lebanon during Ramadan, and the events of the Lebanese Order of Physicians as well.

Hervé has a multicultural background and experience in working with people from different backgrounds. His native language is French, he is fluent in English and moderate in German. Hervé is also skilled in website creation, graphic realizations, social media functioning, and international project management.


Shereen Sabbah El Far, Senior Public Relations Executive – Beirut

Training on working with children while at university, Shereen learned a lot about organization, patience, self-control, group work, and different communication skills.
After graduation, she went to work at her family’s Al Sabbah Real Estate Group. That experience enabled her to build a contacts / PR database, and taught her about sales techniques, from communication with customers to negotiation and closing deals.

Wanting to prove herself outside the family business, she seized an opportunity to work as a commercial delegate at Eid Printing Press. She credits that position with developing her skill sets in sales and customer relations. For she was in charge of making sure the daily operations were running smoothly, and she was responsible of all sales activities such as meeting customers (regulars and new ones from her PR network), handling job orders, and helping agencies and clients to get the finished printed product which met or even exceeded their expectations. Her functions also included pricing, quoting, follow up, order confirmation, and on-time delivery. As a sign of recognition of her capabilities, dynamic personality, and serious work, the management additionally put her in charge of the company’s social media and all related functions.

Shereen later took to entrepreneurship, where she leveraged her creative side to come up with a group of friends with the first soul food restaurant in Lebanon and the Middle East. Soon enough she had her hands full with every aspect of set-up and operation, including marketing and social media. The concept flew, earned the Q-Platinum Award, and drew franchising requests from abroad.

While her restaurant business was up and running, Shereen had a stint at Front Page Communication in 2016. There she gained notice with her interpersonal skills in client service and media relations, and with her social media abilities as well.

Leaving off to get married and work with her husband on a restaurant concept in Macedonia, the newly formed family later decided to concentrate on its home market. Accepting a call to join Front Page Communication again, Shereen is happy to work in an environment she also likes, where she enjoys deploying her honed skills, learning new things from each client brief and agency solution, and meeting the challenges that come with the agency’s expanding client portfolio.


Farah Hijab, Finance Manager – Beirut

Over 6 years of solid and wide experience in finance processes, and in the accounting and reporting areas.

Experience spans various sectors: Holding, Construction, Retail and Interior Design companies. Farah joined Front Page Communication as Finance Manager in December 2015.

Farah holds a BS degree in Business Administration and Finance from La Sagesse University, Beirut.

She is fluent in Arabic, English and French, and moderate in Italian.


Sara Choueiri, Public Relations Director – Dubai

Sara has over 8 years of experience in PR, Marketing and Consultancy Communications with a strong background in strategic planning and implementation throughout the Middle East and Levant regions.

Based in Dubai, Sara’s role is to provide Clients with strategic planning, objectives, defined key messaging, and client management, in addition to building and maintaining strong relationships with key media and influencers.

Sara’s PR experience has been shaped by both boutique and multinational agencies, working within corporate and consumer communications teams for global brands such as P&G, Tommy Hilfiger, Electrolux, Xerox, Banyan Tree, Sky Dive Dubai, Ciena and Nvidia.

Sara’s previous experience also includes media training, event management, launching CSR campaigns, branding workshops, press conferences, roundtables, in addition to social media/influencer activation.


Harriet Goodman, Communications Director – Dubai

Harriet has been working and living in the Middle East for over 5 years, and has a strong understanding of the region, the business landscape, as well as the global and regional trends that shape different industries. Harriet’s role of Communications Director allows her to work with brands to develop a voice that delivers the right message to key audiences.

Prior to joining Madison Front Page, Harriet worked with both multinational and boutique agencies, managing B2B and B2C brands including Sennheiser, Sony Mobile, Sony, Dyson, Dell, Brightcove, Criteo, Ellucian and WatchGuard.

In her previous roles, Harriet developed brand and PR strategies, managed product launches, supported regional and international press trips and supported media interactions with senior brand management. She has an ability to immerse herself in a brand and develop the right communication approach based on current trends, market experience and consumer or business demands.

Harriet grew up between her native Australia and Thailand, before moving to the Middle East. She is fluent in English but hoping she will get the hang of French in the near future.


Aphril Lagasca, Administrative Officer – Dubai

Aphril joined Madison Front Page in 2014 to provide administrative support and assistance. She ensures the administrative activities run efficiently and effectively.

Aphril has been in the field of administration since she started working. Previously, she worked as Administrative Assistant at a multinational company which is recognized as one of the key players in the Fashion and Hospitality sector throughout the Middle East, the Far East, and Eastern Europe.

Originally from the Philippines, Aphril holds a B.S in Public Administration.

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