Oil and Gas Forum 2016

May 26, 2016
ESA “Ecole Supérieure des Affaires”, Beirut (Lebanon)

Front Page Communication in collaboration with “Forum for National Dialogue” organized last year the first Forum on Oil and Gas, and also in 2016 a series of conferences in the universities to enlighten our academic youth on this important economical and political topic.

However the main Oil and Gas event for 2016 was the Third Forum on Oil and Gas “Lebanon O&G Position in the actual geopolitical development scene” which was held at Villa Rose, ESA campus on May 26, with a wide panel of international key speakers, Lebanese politicians, energy and economical sector key players, specialized press and blogs editors, and representatives of the country civil society and students.

Official website: www.lebanonnationalwealth.org

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Opening session (5 videos)

Session 1 (4 videos)
“Regional update on the Oil and Gas development in the East Med & Europe”

Session 2 (2 videos)
“Regional update on the oil and gas development in the East Med & Europe”

Session 3 (4 videos)
“Effects of low oil and gas prices on petroleum investment activities”

Session 4 (3 videos)
“Financing O&G projects in the current environment”

Session 5 (4 videos)
“Good Governance in emerging producers: Challenges and Policy recommendations”

Session 6 (1 video)
“Recommendations to move forward with the sector in Lebanon”


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